What Type of Hair Extensions Looks the Most Natural?

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What Type of Hair Extensions Looks the Most Natural?

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When it comes to the hair extension method, it is important to find the one that would perfectly suit your look. In recent years, naturalness, as a fashion tendency, is gaining more and more popularity. Everyone refuses artificiality today. So, if you are interested in the hair extension procedure, you should pay attention to the hair extension type that looks the most natural. 

There are two types of hair extensions:

  • Permanent extensions (hot and cold fusion, tape-in, sew-in)
  • Temporary extensions (clip-ins, ponytails, halo hair)

The best option, which assures the healthy gloss of your hairstyle, is virgin hair extensions.  

The choice of virgin hair extensions gives you the possibility to become an owner of luxurious hair. The leader on the market is Russian virgin hair, which has the following benefits:

  • Human hair. It is commonly known that natural human hair looks more authentic than a synthetic product. Human hair wins on all counts, from color to texture. In addition, it should be mentioned that you can use heat styling only if you have selected a natural hair extension.   

  • Durability and reliability. Virgin hair extension is famous for its long lifespan. The quality of the product is very solid; so, if you provide an attentive approach to hair care, you can use it for a whole year or even more depending on the hair extension technique you choose.     

  • Healthy look. The use of virgin hair extension assures that your additional strands of hair will not deteriorate and look worse. With proper hair care, you receive a durable and impressive effect of hair shine.    

  • Soft hair. Any synthetic material, even a high-quality one, could not replace the quality of natural hair. Virgin Slavic hair extensions are very soft and possess natural hair gloss. 

There is one more important advantage of virgin hair. This type of hair could be dyed or toned to perfectly match the color of your natural hair.

Thus, you are free to choose texture (straight, wavy, light wavy) and color. In addition, you can choose the most appropriate length, weight, and number of hair strands that will suit you best. Nevertheless, it is better to consult with your hairstylist, who has more experience in dealing with hair extensions.

Virgin Russian hair extensions of the highest quality are available in Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia at I Love Slavic Hair online store.


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