Tips for Perfect Dental Hygiene

Maintaining a bright, healthy smile does not happen on its own. Clean teeth take attention, dedication and effort, so why do so many of us expect that a quick brush twice a day is enough to keep our mouths and smile in shipshape condition? Largely, it’s because we’re not willing to take the time to care for ourselves. If you’re guiltily relating to that, then it’s high time you stopped your current routine and follow these tips. Your smile is going to shine so much brighter once you get these into your daily rotation…

Brush your mouth and tongue as well as your teeth

That’s right, your teeth aren’t the only area of your mouth that you should be brushing! Bacteria build-up occurs all over your mouth, tongue and teeth, so they all need a good scrub at least twice a day to avoid bad breath and poor dental health. Use a gentle circular motion with a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid going too crazy during the cleaning process. You’ll immediately notice a cleaner feeling in your mouth once you start doing this.

Always floss

Getting in between our teeth is so, so important for our dental health. Flossing enables us to get in there and clear out food, grime and plaque build-up that our brush and rinse routine would never have gotten to. Ideally, you’re flossing after every major meal, this is going to ensure that your gums are in pristine health. You’ll avoid gum disease, tooth infection and decay with this quick, simple and inexpensive addition to your dental care routine.

Use fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste helps to repair and reinforce your tooth enamel. It avoids the development of tooth decay by encouraging the remineralisation process of your enamel whilst also protecting it from plaque. Plaque is harmful to your enamel as it produces acids that break through the protective layer and penetrates your tooth. Use fluoride toothpaste regularly to combat the effects of plaque.

Finish with mouthwash

Your brushing and flossing routine should always finish off with a rinse. This is your final step to clear away bacteria and plaque, plus it just leaves you feeling zingy and fresh, which everybody loves! This is particularly good when battling with gum issues and gingivitis.

Avoid harmful habits

Now that your routine is in check, you’ll need to take a look at your lifestyle. Like it or not, your lifestyle has a huge impact on your overall health and your dental hygiene, so if you’re not paying any attention then you might want to correct your ways. This means avoiding bad health habits like smoking, frequent alcohol consumption, a poor diet and minimal physical activity. Quitting smoking alone will transform your dental health.

Watch what you eat

As touched on above, diet plays a part in dental hygiene – even if you don’t see the connection. Consuming processed foods, sugar and soda will damage your teeth and put you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Instead, stick to nuts, fruit, vegetables and lean meats. Your general health and mental wellbeing will all benefit from this one.

Regular schedule your check-ups and cleans

Regularly scheduled trips to the dentist are very, very necessary for our entire adult lives. Check-ups and cleans might not have to be happening every month, you never know your dentist might only prescribe one every year. In order to effectively and properly care for your dental needs, you’re going to have to meet with a professional. Teeth cleaning removes plaque build-up, helps with decay and can get rid of light staining.


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