Things you should know before starting chemotherapy.

7 Helpful Things To Know About Chemotherapy


You would have queries and maybe even fear before your first chemo treatment. Your care team will discuss your chemotherapy plan in advance, which can help relieve your apprehension. Still, there’s a lot to learn and consume, suggested by the best oncologist in Noida.


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What, When, and Why


Every chemotherapy mixture includes a mix of medicines. Some are cancer-killing medicines, while others are medications that help relieve side effects in cancer hospitals in Noida.

If you’re not already clear about the solutions to the following queries about all of the medicines you will receive, ask the best oncologist in Noida:

  • What is this medication?
  • How does it help kill cancer cells?
  • What side effects may it have?
  • How will I feel after taking the pill?
  • How should I manage it?
  • Who do I call if I have issues?

Ask how you should manage the treatments that anticipate you. While some mixtures take minutes, others take particular time in cancer hospitals in Noida. The process may take days or weeks to Organize you.

Bring a “Chemo Buddy”


  • You don’t have to go to your first chemo appointment alone. There are many grounds to have a “chemo buddy” with you for this and future sessions.


  • First, you are also directed to take medication before chemo. Having someone manage you to your session can be cooperative if the medicine makes you exhausted suggested by the best oncologist in Noida.


  • Carrying a friend or family member means you have someone there who can concentrate on taking notes on the directions you are given and remembering questions you want to ask. It’s peaceful to become overwhelmed or diverted, mainly when chemotherapy is new to you.


  • A chemo buddy can look closely for reactions, like a rash or facial flushing, and inform practitioners immediately should they occur. They can also assist you in passing the time, which can be particularly helpful for lengthy treatments in cancer hospitals in Noida.


  • And while you are observed throughout your treatment, the team won’t have eyes on you the entire period.


Stay Hydrated

Chemotherapy drugs are very intense to your body’s materials. Becoming dehydrated may make you feel bad, wholly suggested by the best oncologist in Noida.

Staying well hydrated can assist your body remove waste while decreasing the likelihood of issues, such as tiredness and headaches.

Avoid caffeine, as it can dehydrate. After a mixture, it’s best to drink 8 ounces of water every hour until bedtime.  

In rare situations, such as severe kidney disease or heart breakdown, it can be harmful to drink too much water suggested by the best oncologist in Noida. So get careful hydration guidance from the best oncologist in Noida if you have other extreme medical conditions.


Eat Light

Eat a light, high-fiber snack two to three hours before an infusion.

Chemo drugs slow the movement of your digestive tract (peristalsis), so whatever you eat may be in your system for longer than usual in cancer hospitals in Noida. It often causes complicated bowel changes.

The drugs commonly utilized to prevent nausea and vomiting due to chemo can also be constipating. While staying hydrated and consuming fiber, you should gain leverage on constipation suggested by the best oncologist in Noida.

Prepare for Fatigue

You may feel tired or very exhausted the day after your first treatment. It may feel like a profound lack of energy you can’t seem to shake. It differs from tiredness, which is cured with sleep.

Plan on resting so your body can start the recovery procedure. And if you feel mentally confused about the medications you’ve taken, let your healthcare provider know.

Don’t forget that most of the side effects are short-term and that you will feel better shortly.


Expect Pre-Chemo Blood Tests


Before each cycle of chemo, you will have a blood test called a complete blood count (CBC). It is done to get the amounts of blood cells produced by the bone marrow that can be damaged by chemo in cancer hospitals in Noida.

Tests are a usual factor of the entire chemo procedure, and results give your healthcare team important information about your health position.


For sample:

Red blood cells and hemoglobin will be computed to see if you have anemia, which can lead to tiredness and lightheadedness.

Your white blood cell computation will tell your healthcare provider if you have neutropenia, a lack of white blood cells known as neutrophils. 

It can place you in danger of infection.

Relying on your outcomes, your oncologist may suggest delaying chemo or using specific treatments to enhance your values before beginning.

Results also cause in calculating the strength of your chemo measures.

You May Need Post-Chemo Medications

You may need to take post-chemo medications. If you can, have those prescriptions filled before your first chemo session to ensure you have them ready when you require them, as suggested by the best oncologist in Noida.


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