The Raw Food Diet: A Comprehensive Introduction

I have been a raw foodist since January 2000. Here I explain what the raw food diet is, and how you can start eating it.

What is the raw food diet?

People on a raw food diet eat 100% raw, uncooked food. There are many people who find this a little difficult (often due to social reasons), so they choose a 75-99% raw food diet. Most raw foodists are vegetarian or vegan, but some eat raw fish and meat. The benefits of a high-raw or all-raw diet are clear.

Increased energy
Weight loss (or gain if you were too skinny)
Diseases disappearing
Happiness, and often bliss
The actual food eaten by raw foodists varies greatly, aside from those who eat a balanced raw diet, there are natural hygeinists, sproutarians, fruitarians, juicearians superfoodists, ecstatic foodists and living foodists.

Most raw foodists eat a high proportion of organic or wild food in the belief that conventional food is more toxic and weaker.

Thousands of people each year are turning to the raw food diet. Why? Because these foods help your body stay clean on the inside, they give you energy, they’re full of life and they help people avoid disease associated with the Standard UK Diet (SUKD!!) and Standard American Diet (SAD!!). As our government embarks on healthy eating campaign after healthy eating campaign, let’s think about looking to nature to get it right. It’s sooooo simple!

If you don’t want to stop eating cooked foods, then make the decision to cut out microwaved foods and to have at least 50% raw food in each meal to stop yourself suffering from leukocytosis and a suppressed immune system.

So, what do you eat?

Masses of variety. So much more than in Ye Olde 3D Worlde cooked days.

My diet is so different from the SUKD. I base my recipes on the following foods:

Fruits, dried, fresh or frozen
Vegetables, dried or fresh
Herbs and spices
Nuts and their butters
Seeds and their butters
Ancient grains, soaked or ground
Sea vegetables, often dried
Algaes, sometimes frozen or compressed into tablets
I personally pay particular attention to superfoods, such as maca, wheatgrass, goji berries, raw chocolate, chlorella, spirulina, algae and others.

Raw foodism is the oldest diet in the world. It’s the only diet for every species in the world except humans and the animals they keep. It’s the ultimate fast food diet — just pick and go! No more greasy pans or toxic oven cleaning chemicals to deal with.

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