Long Eyelashes Contribute to the Health of Your Eyes

There are many reasons to have long and healthy eyelashes – they make the eyes look more beautiful and they help with healthy eyes, so they are there for a reason. Of course, long, thick and healthy eyelashes are something to be desired, but did you know there are health reasons for longer eyelashes? 

Taken for granted

Many people usually take the health of their eyes for granted. For many people, dry eye disease is a very real eye problem that disturbs their everyday lives. Dry eye disease often causes tears that are poor quality and quantity or both, which usually leads to chronic inflammation of the eye surface. 

Eyelashes protect eyes

Eyelashes help to protect your eyes from particles in the air such as sand or dust as well as keeping sweat and other items from falling into the eyes. They also help with dry eye syndrome and other eye problems from occurring. 

Eyelid health

The health of eyelashes and eyelid margins are quite important. Blepharitis which is dandruff or debris called scurf, Meilbomian, dysfunction glands (atrophy of glands causing poor oil quality), irregular eyelid margins due to scarring or notching, ocular rosacea, and Demodex (which are mites that live in eyelash follicles) all often play a role in the disease of dry eye. 

Medication on market

There is medication on the market, bimotoprost sold under the brand name of Latisse – has been approved by the FDA for treating inadequate eyelashes referred to as hypotrichosis. Bimatoprost is also being marketed under the name of Lumigan that is used in prescription eye drops for treating glaucoma. The growth of eyelashes was a side effect that was quite unexpected, and this led to the creation and marketing of Latisse.

Eyelash salon

i-Lashes Brisbane Salon is Brisbane’s favorite salon for eyelash extension. This is a good place to deliver lash extensions that are both healthy and quite affordable. The teams that work as eyelash techs are devoted to making certain that their clients leave with the elegant and natural-looking eyelash extensions. With their experience, passion and training for their work all make certain that your eyelash application will be a quite comfortable, relaxing as well as a pain-free exercise in their specifically designed salon. This will also help with maintaining the health of your eyes such as avoiding dry eye syndrome.

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