Awareness of meeting your higher self

What is your higher self?

The real you is known to be your higher self. It is the soul’s consciousness that is way different from the form you see or know physically. This higher self of you never ends, which can be called unlimited or eternal. It is supposed to know everything about you, ranging from your secrets, passion, thought, feelings, and all that one can think about. That part of your soul gets you excited, motivates and inspires you, and guides you to the right thing.

It teaches you righteousness. All the desires that you have, all the untold secrets, are known by your higher self. It’s like you knew everything about yourself. But you may or may not have spent time on your higher self and must have prioritized it and had very limited to no conversations with your higher self. One can connect to their higher self by simply thinking and focusing on it, but there are a few techniques mentioned here by which the higher self which one has been looking for can be attained.


A person’s higher self communicates with him when he dreams, which is also known as the realm of your subconscious. In the state of dream, all your mentally controlled abilities are torn away from you, and you cannot control reality by any chance. This doesn’t mean you and your mind are not active. This stage during the sleep cycle is called the REM or Rapid Eye Movement, during which the neurons or nerve cells of the brain are equally active when sleeping when compared to them when you are wide awake.

The only difference is that you and your body will ultimately be resting and relaxed when asleep. Everyone must have had some vivid dreams at least once in their life. This usually happens during the REM stage. Each day, when you are asleep, your higher self tries to communicate with you and clues about your weak spots. It’s scientifically proven that most characters that you see in your dreams, known or unknown, represent yourself or some accurate aspect of your life. Your higher self brings your attention to your fears which are released through the nightmares you experience.


Meditation is one technique that can be used when one wants to connect to their higher self in full consciousness. It is a very powerful technique. Guided meditation or meditating be yourself can help in this connection you are looking for. But, to achieve this, a lot of focus, attention, serenity, and warm and loving energy are needed. A trick is to imagine your higher self as a natural person who has a physical presence.

Once you start connecting with your true self or higher self, you can start asking the questions you always wanted to know the answers for. You can receive your answers in any form, so have an open mind and accept all of them. It might come as words, and it may come as images or sensations too. Also, remember that your higher self is a part of you or even is you. It is always with you.

You need to find the correct vibrational frequency to bring it out. Individuals seem to live from their higher self when they have experienced love and gratitude and have genuinely forgiven someone who has done them wrong. Many people may initially not believe the actual importance of meditation, but they get used to it after a prolonged period. They improve their patience level and start to understand the actual meaning of life. They become a better version of themselves.


The first thought or the immediate reaction, which is called y your gut instincts that come to your mind when you think about something or ask yourself a question, can be used to reach your higher self.

You can immediately recognize if it came from the higher self within you or your ego. Writing them down or journaling helps when you need to make sense of some messages that you don’t understand at that exact moment.

When you analyze what you have written, you will understand if your thoughts have come from within you or your ego. If the answer seems wise and genuine, you can tell that it was your higher self, but if it feels forced or feels like something others would want to hear, you can know that it was something your ego wants. When there is a feeling of pain, anger, or anxiety, the ego usually does the talking.


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