Winter Safety for Senior: How Physical Therapy Can Help You Conquer Cold

Physiotherapy is fantastic for anyone moving into their later years who is looking to take the very best care of themselves possible. Your health is your most valuable asset and therefore you should be doing everything you can to ensure that you are tending to your needs, all year round. The winter time can present a few more issues for senior individuals as the cold can introduce more pain, joint issues and general stagnation or tension within the body. Read on to discover how physical therapy can help you to conquer the cold and live your best and brightest life whatever the weather!

How physiotherapy can help

Physiotherapy is amazing for treating a range of conditions but also just for ensuring that you are living a healthy, active life far into your twilight years! The holistic, multifaceted approach of physiotherapy means that all concerns are likely to be covered in a single session. You will also receive tailored treatment and customised care, meaning that you will find yourself in your best condition far sooner than you’d expect. Physiotherapy can help with…

Injury treatment

Icey or very cold, wet conditions pose far more risk of falling, tripping or slipping when out and about. Physiotherapy will help you to treat and manage any injuries you might have suffered due to the weather or just from any general accidents that might have occurred during your day to day life. You’ll also be able to manage any underlying pain that might flare up in the cold weather, caused by an injury many years ago.

Injury prevention

Your physiotherapist is also going to help you to minimise the risk of any potential injury down the line. Injury prevention is great for protecting yourself and giving you the confidence to take care of yourself and move throughout your daily routine as mindfully and wisely as possible. You’ll learn the correct posture, sleeping position and take home exercises needed to ensure that you are eradicating the risk of injury before it occurs.

Indoor activity

Getting fit and staying active is absolutely essential for keeping healthy as you get older. Your physiotherapist will help you to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, indoors! The winter time undoubtedly makes it more difficult to spend as much time out in the fresh air than you would necessarily like, particularly when you are risking slipping or injury. Inside exercises are great for getting your endorphins going, conditioning your muscles and increasing your flexibility. You will be taught a few amazing inside exercises with the guidance of your physiotherapist, and you can use these indoors during your daily routine to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Pain management

Persistent pain is never fun, so why endure it when you could target it quickly and effectively with the help of a professional physio? Your physiotherapist will help to assess the cause of your pain and repair it from the root, ensuring that it does not crop up again down the line.

Finding the right physiotherapist 

Now that you’re fully informed on how a physiotherapist can help senior individuals to stay safe during the winter season, if you’re leaving in Australia you can book at Evoker for a quality physiotherapy session and the practitioners will provide you a quality assistance that you need.


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