Ways of Making Dental Implants More Affordable

Dental implant insurance provides a popular way of finding affordable dental implants, but is it the only way? Here we will take a look at what dental implants are and various methods to try a make them a little more affordable.

For many finding an affordable way to pay for implants will provide access to a treatment which otherwise would have been too expensive. So what exactly are dental implants?

Typically made from Titanium dental implants are a common treatment for replacing missing teeth. The most popular type of implant is an ‘endostal’ or root implant which mimics the shape of the natural root and is ideal for patients with a healthy jaw bone into which the implant. The placement of the implant is a surgical procedure which involves drilling into the jaw bone and will usually take a couple of days to heal. Overtime it’s expected that the implant will integrate into the jaw. Once in place the implant can be used to support a full dental bridge or replace just a single tooth.

As the process requires a surgical procedure it makes the process even more expensive, however using a couple of methods can definitely make the overall cost much more affordable

Dental Implant Insurance
Standard dental insurance policy will usually cover basic and minor treatments including check ups, fillings root canals and x-rays but very rarely implants. However, rarely will they extend to covering implants as these are seen by many as being cosmetic procedures and of the patient’s personnel choice.

Over recent years companies have started to offer this type of insurance covering a number of procedures for a monthly/annual premium. A couple of things to consider though when choosing implant insurance

1. The type of treatments covered
2. The waiting period – this is the time from the policy starting until the first claim can be made.

Both of these will vary from company to company so it is definitely worth checking carefully before a policy is taken out

Payment Plans
Many dentists who perform dental implant treatment will offer a form of payment plan. This will allow the cost to be spread out over a period of time. If this isn’t offered by the dentist its worth asking whether it’s available.


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