Types Of Fitness Exercises

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Types Of Fitness Exercises

There are very many types of fitness exercises that are available in the world. You will find that these types of exercises can be done by different people depending on their age and their physical attributes. One of the best fitness exercises is the stretching exercises. The exercise is useful to different parts of the body. The first one we are going to discuss is the Neck and shoulder stretching exercises. This type of exercises is used to make sure that one has good flexibility of their neck muscles. The next crucial part s of the body are, the chest and arm exercises will be next.

These exercises can be done at home as they only require you to move the particular part of the body from one direction to another and vice versa. Doing about ten sets of different exercises in a day will lead to an improved state of fitness. You will find that after a few weeks of indulging in such exercises, you will be able to do your normal daily chores without experiencing the occasional aches and pains that were there before you started exercising. The other type of easy to do fitness exercises are the resistance exercises.

These can be done by use of what are known as free weights. Free weights are dumbbells or barbells that have little weight which cannot be used for body building. By using such items, one can be able to do several resistant weight exercises that will not lead to your body developing muscles. Instead, they help your muscles become more efficient and healthier. The other types of fitness exercises are the general body workouts. Exercises like these include jogging, press ups, sit ups, rope skipping and etc.

When you go for a jog, you will find that your legs, lungs, arms, and your general body will be exercised. This is due to the fact that you will be using your legs to jog. When one is jogging there is the unavoidable reflex of your arms swinging meaning that they will also be exercised. As you inhale and exhale at a higher rate than normal, your lungs will be exercised and you will find that they will be clearer than before you started jogging.

Your general body will be exercised due to the speed at which blood will be circulating. Circulation of the blood will be increased because of the jogging meaning that blood will be pumped faster than normal. This is why jogging has been classified as the best way to keep fit universally. The same process will be applied when you are skipping rope.


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