Tips for Proper Oral Hygiene

You must have learned in your biology classes that your digestive system begins with your mouth and ends in the anus. When the gateway of your digestive system is maintained clean and a proper health care routine is followed for your teeth gums and other parts of your mouth, then half of the issues in your body are rectified. A lot of studies suggest that the nerves connecting the teeth with the head cause a lot of head-related problems when the teeth are not maintained properly.

Ways by which you can maintain proper oral hygiene 

There are a lot of ways by which you can maintain oral health. However, there are certain recommended methods that a person can easily follow and it doesn’t require a lot of money to be spent, time, or effort.

  • Include fluoride

Fluoride is one of the most essential elements to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Include water containing fluoride for drinking purposes and use toothpaste like Crest Whitestrips Supreme that has decent levels of fluoride in it.

  • Diligent oral hygiene practices 

The practice is everything and consistency is key when it comes to maintaining proper oral hygiene. It is recommended to brush twice a day using paste-like Crest Whitestrips Supreme and floss once a day. This helps to remove all the deposits on the teeth and avoid problems like the plaque.

  • Making visits to the dentist 

You should not be visiting the dentist only if you encounter any problem with your mouth. It is highly suggested to visit the dentist at least twice a year so that they keep a track of the kind of health persisting in your mouth region. Also, the dentist can predict any kind of issues that might arise from your mouth at an earlier stage.

  • Avoiding harmful habits 

It would be beneficial if tobacco products are avoided to the maximum. This creates a lot of strain on the teeth that become hard to remove. It is highly recommended to avoid or even quit smoking. The consumption of alcohol can be limited to a great extent.

  • Check medication 

You need to make use of proper medication to maintain oral health. In case you have a health issue like soreness in the inner mouth region, ulcer, or any wound that did get cured for more than a week, then you need to make an emergency medicalisit to the doctor. Issues like dry mouth should not be taken very easily. It is advised to drink a lot of waterand avoid high sugar content products.

Also, it is recommended to visit the dentist if the person experiences any problems in recognizing taste or smell.

  • Brushing and washing 

You need to properly brush your teeth but not aggressively. A lot of people tend to believe that when you aggressively brush your teeth, you remove all the dirt accumulated on the surface of the teeth. But the idea is entirely wrong. Aggressive brushing removes the enamel of the teeth and does not remove the dirt, instead, you should brush in a circular motion and move the bristles of the brush all over your mouth region so that it cleans every possible tooth in your mouth.

If you have issues like bad breath and any bacterial infection, then it is suggested to use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth. However, there are certain brands of mouthwash that contain high levels of chemicals. It is better to go for the mouthwash recommended by the doctor in case you have very sensitive teeth and gums.

One must keep in mind that proper oral hygiene is more than just brushing your teeth once a day or twice a day. When you are going to put something to use for a lifetime, then you need to do some extra procedures to take proper care of your teeth, gums, etc.,


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