Tinley Park Veinc Care: Your go-to Vascular Specialists

Advancements in the medical sector have led to many changes in the characterization and mode of treatment. Earlier, vascular and cardiac surgery were classified under the same entity. Vascular surgery solely includes a subspecialty of diagnosing and treating vascular diseases. These vascular diseases include the arteries, lymphatic vessels, and veins. Medical therapy, surgical reconstruction, and minimally invasive catheter procedures usually manage and treat these. Modern vascular surgery consists of endovascular techniques, medical management of vascular diseases, and open surgery techniques. When treating these diseases on the ground level, vascular surgeons are professionally trained in diagnosing and managing conditions that affect various parts of the vascular system. However, these parts exclude the coronaries and intracranial vasculature. Vascular surgeons also assist physicians in carrying out critical surgeries near vessels or vascular injuries to prevent bleeding. Tinley Park vein care should be your destination if you are looking for the best-in-class vascular speciality in the USA!

According to studies, approximately 9,50,000 patients die from cardiovascular diseases each year. One might wonder about the illnesses that are categorized under vascular surgery. Read ahead to know more!

Arterial blockage

Blockage of arteries is a well-known condition, clinically known as Atherosclerosis. This condition is defined as the building up of fibrous and fatty material inside the arteries. This condition increases the chances of causing coronary heart disease and other circulatory diseases. This condition affects all arteries, specifically those that supply blood to the heart, neck arteries supplying blood to the brain, and arteries supplying blood to the legs. This can also cause heart attack or stroke if not taken action on time.

Peripheral artery disease

Also known as Peripheral Arterial Disease, it is a highly common condition that includes narrowed arteries reducing the flood flow to the limbs, i.e., arms and legs. This condition causes chronic leg pain while walking, also called claudication. PAD indicates fatty deposits buildup in the arteries, which further causes Atherosclerosis. The natural cure for this condition is to include exercise in one’s lifestyle and exclude smoking and drinking.

Venous ulcers

Also known as Venous Stasis Ulcers, they are major sores that take weeks or months to heal completely. This condition can worsen instantly, which puts one at risk for complications such as loss of limbs. This disease often affects the area on the legs near the ankles. The root cause of this disease is a disability of pumping deoxygenated blood back to the heart.

In conclusion

Most vascular diseases can be cured with positive lifestyle changes. However, these diseases can lead to severe cardiac conditions if not changed. So, make wise choices to avoid being in grave health danger!


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