Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Dental Implant Restoration Surgeons

Dental restoration with implants is a continually improving field that requires exceptional training and skill. Here are 7 habits of highly effective and skilled implant restorative dentists.

1. The best dental implant restorative surgeons work with a team. The most impressive results are when teams participate together, as that way there can be a more fluid approach to the procedure. This may include simply a dental implant dentist, and maybe an oral surgeon as well.

2. Appropriate up front work is accomplished to know the end result before the procedure even begins. What this means is that surgery is not the time to go exploring and getting creative. Proper imaging studies such as x-rays, CT scans, and potentially a 3D scan can allow for definitive planning. The restorative dentist should know exactly where the implants are going to be placed and formulate a prototype during the workup.

3. Photos are an integral ingredient in the procedure. The best doctors are diligent about reviewing their work. This means proper x-rays and digital photographs to thoroughly prepare prior to the procedure and to assess the post-procedure results. One of the best ways of improving as a doctor is self assessment. Digital photographs are also an excellent marketing tool for dentists, who can show prospective patients comparable results to make them comfortable. A knowledgeable patient is one who is better able to participate in their medical and dental care.

4. The best dental implant surgeons place their own final abutments. The abutment is the component that sits on the implant and supports the crown over it. The best dental implant restorative surgeons want to be in full control of the implant’s placement to ensure the satisfactory final result with materials, form, and aesthetics.

5. Customized abutments are used. Off the shelf implants may be cheaper to use, but simply cannot provide the same outcomes. Implants that are customized fit with precision and have a better look, last longer, and are significantly easier to clean.

6. The best dental implant specialists make great temporary restorations. If teeth are replaced in the upper front area, the best dentists know the value of great temporary restorations before the final crowns are accomplished. Temporary restorations help form an even gum line and prevent gum recessions. These restorations resemble the final crowns.

7. The best dentists collaborate with their master ceramists and lab technicians. The workmanship and skills of these individuals is vital to top notch implant creation. This will lead to implants that look natural, are easy to clean, and are long lasting.

Attention to detail along with these habits will lead to quality dental implants. Expect nothing less.

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