Our lips are the framework of our beautiful smile. Sometimes having thinner lips can really have an impact on the smile. Sometimes people are naturally born with thin lips, or it could also be because of ageing, sun exposure, smoking or breakdown of collagen in the lips. Having thin lips can make one look tired and angry. One of the best ways to enhance this framework of your beautiful smile is by opting for lip augmentation or lip fillers. If you have been thinking about enhancing your lips, you should reach out to Smiles on Queen. The procedure is a great and effective way to get the smile you have always hoped to have. Lip augmentation is a safe and reversible way to have fuller lips.

What is lip augmentation?

The filler used for lip augmentation is made of Hyaluronic acid, which is produced in the body and is the foundation in higher concentrations in the skin of younger people. The filler is a non-invasive way to add volume to the thin lips and enhance the production of collagen in the body.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

There is no unique quality that makes a person eligible for the procedure. If you want to enhance your lips, then it is a great idea to get a lip filler. The filler will help you to have a more defined and attractive pout. It is also great for those patients who have lost their youthful plump lips to age. The procedure can also help get a more enhanced cupid’s bow shape. Whether you are the ideal candidate or not can only be determined by the doctor.

Why should you opt for lip fillers?

Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, one weighs the pros and cons. Lip augmentation is one procedure that has a wide range of advantages. The filler’s results are long, so you won’t have to get another filler anytime soon. The results from the fillers can be seen almost immediately. They guarantee fuller and defined lips. It is increasingly become a popular choice due to its short recovery time. If your lips have become thin due to age having more enhanced lips, will definitely make you feel younger. Augmentation can also help to smoothen out the lip lines. There are very few side effects associated with augmentation. The most common side-effect is minor swelling which doesn’t last long. As the filler contains hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in the body, the chances of having an allergic reaction are very low.

How long do the results last?

The duration of the results are dependent on the lip fillers you have opted for. Most of the fillers remain in place for about 6 months. After 6 months is over, they begin to dissolve. This desolvation is quite slow, and you will notice the change over a while. To maintain the enhanced pout, it is advised to get another filler after 6 months.


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