It Takes Two to Tango- London erotic massage Might be the Answer

Intimate massage is a lovely method to unwind with a partner or an intimate friend, London erotic massage practitioners appreciate honoring and celebrating the physique as a sanctuary of bliss, a forerunner to lovemaking, this encounter will enable you to explore sensual energy in new ways.

Erotic Massage has a number of advantages, as you’ll see in the following list

  • Preparation

Ensure that the area where you will spend the next two hours is warm, quiet, and comfortable. Ensure that all mobile devices have been turned off. Turn on some soft music and some candles for a romantic evening.

  • Salutation of the Heart

To begin, perform the heart salutation during the holy time, it is a historical tantric ritual to acknowledge the holy in each other. Open your eyes and stare into your partner’s, when the process is done, keep your eyes open, put your hands together in front of your chest and look down at the ground.

As you take a deep breath in, raise both hands to your heart, palms facing inward, relax as you bow and recognize the divine in one another, inhale as you return to your upright position then finally, take a deep breath out and let your hands fall back to the earth in the starting position.

  • It’s All About the Bubble

The Bubble brings you into the here and now and provides a safe environment in which to perform an erotic massage, with your arms, creating a bubble that encircles you and your companion. Eliminate everything from the bubble it was created before distractions, anger as well as worry, remove the item while saying out loud what you’re taking away, then make the appropriate gesture. Add items to your bubble that will help you connect better with others love, willingness, Presence, trust, and again, use motions and words to communicate, and try Londonerotic massage for a different kind of pleasure.

  • Healthful Boundaries

Bridges can be built over healthy boundaries, which are actually bridges that unite people. It is only when appropriate limits are respected that intimacy may blossom. Being open and present is easy when you are safe. Check-in with yourself regularly to see how you’re feeling about your boundaries, tell your partner if your boundaries have altered, if you expect them to know what you’re thinking, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.


  • Performing an Erotic Body Rubdown

Set the parameters for who will be receiving and who will be giving, invite the recipient to lie prone on a massage table, bed, or blanket on the floor for the massage to take place, and make certain they’re cozy and at ease.  Remember that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve and honor your loved one. Listen to the person you’re speaking to, begin to connect with someone by simply taking a few deep breaths with them.

Stroking their skin lightly with feathers, fur, or the tips of the fingers can help awaken their senses, when you’re ready, apply heated oil on their entire body, slow, lengthy strokes are best. You’re doing more than just rubbing their skin, you’re establishing many points of contact with them and encouraging them to move, breathe deeply, and make noises while they do so.

As a result, the body’s energy can be liberated, awakened, and moved around and massage your companion with different parts of your body, such as your hair, arms, and chest, have fun, be open-minded, and be imaginative.


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