How To Tell Kids Not To Be Scared Of The Dentist

A good fraction of the child population has probably experienced a certain kind of fear when they hear the word “dentist.” It is perhaps caused by trauma from when their parents first took them to a clinic for a tooth — or teeth — extraction. Or by stories from fellow youngsters who have recently undergone oral surgery.

For some, the experience is utterly painful; often characterized by loud squeals and screams from the scared young patients and the distinctive sounds made by the dentist’s gears and equipment. Undergoing dental surgery Alexandria shouldn’t really be a disturbing memory, especially for kids. Not especially when they would have to visit the clinic for regular check-ups and cleaning.

But what if you are a parent with a child with dental anxiety — how do you deal with such an issue?

Things You Can Do

Both parents and dentists have the responsibility to help ease the anxiety felt by young patients (especially before they undergo a dental surgery Alexandria). This section rounds up tips you can do as a parent:

Look for a reputable pediatric dentist. These dentists are trained to treat young patients. If your child has had previous bad experience with a dentist, make sure to inform the new dentist beforehand. During the first visit, allow for a little meet-and-greet with the dentist to help your child become more familiar with him or her.

Introduce to them the importance of good oral hygiene. Help them develop the habit of regularly brushing their teeth at a tender age. It’s also better to take your kids to the dentist as early as their first set of teeth erupts for a simple check-up; this way, their first encounter with a dentist wouldn’t be as painful as when it’s done because of a more complicated thing like tooth extraction.

Always prepare for the worst of fussings. Parents need to stay calm and give their best to offer a distraction to kids (e.g. Watching TV, listening to music). Nonetheless, every parent should still prepare for the worst.

Being Watchful with Words Helps

Whether it’s a simple visit to the clinic or your little one is having his or her first dental surgery Alexandria, better tell them about the situation as straightforward and simple as possible. Be careful not to sugarcoat anything and say that the process would not hurt. If they feel pain during the visit, your child might lose trust not only in you but also in his or her dentist.

You should also be careful to not prolong your discussion about what’s going to happen during the visit. Let the dentist take care of the explaining. These dental experts — together with the staff of the clinic — typically have a way to tell younger patients how dental procedure and operations work without sugarcoating or sounding too overwhelming.

The key is to be mindful with every word you say about dental concerns. Put your feet in the shoes of a child — someone who is unaware of the deeper meaning of why going to dentists is a vital thing everyone must do.

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