Dry Eyes: What It’s All About And What Helps

What to do if your eyes are itchy, burning, and itchy? The unpleasant and annoying dry eyes in everyday life can probably only be assessed by those affected. However, there are plenty of them: about one in five people who visit an ophthalmologist complains of dry eyes. [1] What is certain is that the level of suffering in patients is extremely high. This also puts the treating physicians under pressure, as rapid treatment success is required.

However, short-term relief is made more difficult because the causes of the dry eye phenomenon can be varied. While changing certain behaviors can bring relief for many people, for others, dry eyes can also be a sign of serious illness. Therefore, for most of those affected, an experimental phase begins to find the cause and the optimal therapy. If you are experiencing symptoms for the first time, you should have them checked out by your ophthalmologist. Because what is often dismissed as an everyday ailment can lead to chronic corneal or conjunctivitis in the long term. Click (คลิก which is the term ion Thai) here to lean more on bags under the eye.

Understanding The Lacrimal System: The Reasons For Dry Eyes

The eye’s surface consists of the top cell layer of the conjunctiva and cornea. Usually, this is covered by a very thin tear film. Together with the surface cells and the eyelids, the tear film forms the defense system of our eyes.

The tear film itself is made up of several components:

There is the watery layer from the tear duct, in which salts are dissolved. This layer supplies the surface of the eye with the necessary moisture.

Between the cornea and the aqueous layer lies the mucus layer that is produced in the conjunctiva. It mediates the adhesion between the aqueous layer and the water-repellent surface of the eye.

Finally, on the very outside lies the fat layer, an oily secretion that slows the evaporation of the tear fluid.

We blink about every five to ten seconds – in these short moments, the tear fluid is distributed on the surface of our eyes. The tears are then transported away through tear puncti, tiny openings on the upper and lower eyelids that lead into the nose. The graphic shows the tear apparatus and the layered structure of the tear film.

The tear film has three main tasks: On the one hand, it protects your eye from everything that enters from the outside. Dust, germs, pollen, and the draft are intercepted by the liquid and transported away by blinking. The protective layer also contributes to optimal visual acuity. Because it soothes the eye’s surface so that the environment can be displayed on the retina without distortion. In addition, the tear film ensures that the cornea remains in top form. The tears prevent our lids from rubbing on the cornea and conjunctiva as a lubricant. So, you can imagine how it is that people who complain of dry eyes compare their discomfort to the feeling of sandpaper on their eyes.



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