Do You Need a Consultation from Orthotics in Los Angeles?

Centuries ago, rudimentary orthotics emerged when people stuffed wool into their sandals for extra comfort and support. Nowadays, podiatry has advanced significantly, allowing personalized orthotics to be crafted based on the unique contours of an individual’s feet. These tailored solutions provide accurate and effective foot support.

Podiatrists at Eazy Foot & Ankle located in Los Angeles leverage orthotics, also called “shoe inserts” or “insoles,” to manage a broad spectrum of foot conditions and proactively avert their development of such conditions. 

Custom orthotics prove particularly valuable for individuals with flat feet or high arches and those engaged in physically demanding occupation or sports activities. This specialized approach to foot care addresses existing issues and safeguards against potential problems.

What is orthotics? 

Orthotics are durable medical aids, furnishing additional cushioning to your feet and heels. These devices play a pivotal role in upholding the alignment of your feet, ankles, and toes, effectively mitigating skin irritation, muscle strain, and discomfort.

Numerous store-bought orthotics are conveniently adaptable to your footwear, enhancing overall comfort. Eazy Foot & Ankle extends custom orthotic solutions tailored precisely to the contours of your feet, ensuring optimal support.

These are made from certain foam or gel materials, and personalized orthotics adapt to your feet, facilitating even weight distribution across your foot’s surface. More robust orthotic options can also prove beneficial in instances requiring heightened support and stability.

Different types of orthotics

  • off-the-shelf/ Over-the-counter orthotics
  • Professional custom orthotics
  • “Kiosk-generated” orthotics

Over-the-counter (OTC) or pre-made orthotics are readily accessible and can be selected based on shoe size and the specific foot concern, like Achilles tendinitis or arch discomfort.

Kiosk-based orthotics involves a foot scan to recommend a particular size and style of orthotic suited to your foot scan results and the nature of your foot issue. They offer potential relief for problems such as heel pain, lower back discomfort, general foot unease, or even sport-specific requirements.

A healthcare professional conducts a comprehensive assessment for tailored prescription orthotics, including factors like your

  • Health history
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Activity level
  • Your medical conditions.

After diagnosis, the optimal materials, rigidity, and flexibility of the orthotics are determined, followed by a precise impression mold of your feet.

This mold is the basis for crafting an orthotic designed exclusively for you. To draw a parallel, the distinction between OTC/kiosks and custom orthotics resembles that of non-prescription and prescription reading glasses.


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