Create a Unique, Personalized Recovery Plan with the Process Recovery Center

Addiction is a different experience for everyone. Though many stories are similar and many people who have had problems with substance abuse can relate to each other, there is no one treatment program that can work for everyone. That’s why the The Process Recovery Center doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Every single patient here will have their own program custom-designed for them. Recovery is a process…but that doesn’t mean it’s the same process for everyone. Their unique, multi-therapy approach is one that can be used by other facilities to provide more options to clients.

Addiction Treatment

The Process Recovery Center provides treatments at all levels and all stages of recovery. Some patients may choose to take advantage of the partial hospitalization program while detoxifying their bodies from drugs and alcohol. This is a non-residential alternative to inpatient treatment.

There is also an intensive outpatient program. This is the best option for some patients who have obligations and responsibilities that prevent them from participating in an inpatient environment. For those who have reached a point in their treatment where they’re ready to start over in an addiction-free, drug-free and alcohol-free life, there is a sober living program.

Recovery is just one part of the process on the lifelong path to sobriety. That’s where there is also an aftercare planning program. This program is designed to help patients put a long-term care plan in place to help them stay on the path of recovery.

For those who have experienced problems with opioid addiction, which has been a massive problem all over the U.S., the Process Recovery Center also offers a Vivitrol treatment program. This is a non-narcotic medication that is designed to prevent relapse and help patients stay off of opioids.

Treatment Options

The Process Recovery Center offers a wide range of treatment programs and uses an array of therapeutic tools to help patients devise the right treatment program for them. This includes innovative and different therapy techniques, such as neurofeedback. This process treats brain dysfunction that can cause addiction in the first place. Ear acupuncture seems quite strange but it is has been proven to reduce cravings, minimize withdrawal symptoms and even provide stress relief.

Many addicts in recovery dislike talk therapy programs. The Process Recovery Center offers EMDR therapy, which is focused on not talking. This therapy helps patients resolve unprocessed trauma, pain which can lead to addiction. Hypnotherapy treatments, deep breathworks, and other types of treatment are also available.

Treatment programs are mapped out individually for every single patient because there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to addiction recovery. if everyone’s addiction experience isn’t exactly the same, then everyone’s treatment can’t be exactly the same.

The Process Recovery Center helps each patient address the issues and the pain that caused trauma in the first place and find a way to open up those doors, air out those problems and face them. This is an intense but effective way to treat addiction and keep it from rearing its head again. After all, doesn’t it make sense to treat the root cause and not the symptom? Substance abuse is caused by pain. The Process Recovery Center addresses the pain, treats it, and helps patients maintain lifelong recovery and sobriety.

This whole-mind approach to addiction and recovery is already in use at the Process Recovery Center, but many more facilities are adopting similar programs and a similar approach to helping clients achieve lifelong recovery.


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