Cracked Teeth: Everything You Need To Know About its Types and Treatment

A tooth can get cracked anytime, creating infection and cavity issues. It is more common among adults to face such problems because the enamel becomes weak with age. So, if there is a thin and brittle enamel, all it takes is something to hit it, and it will develop a crack. Even if you just grind your teeth severely, it will develop a crack. However, it can be treated and fixed with some simple treatment procedures. 

If you want to fix cracked teeth, you can find the best solutions in this article. So, let’s begin our discussion. However, it is suggested that you consult your doctor in Totowa for better advice. There are various Totowa TMJ treatment centers where you can find the best solutions to your problems. 

What are the Types of Cracked Teeth?

  • Craze Lines: When your enamel becomes thin and is about to break, there is a thin line on the teeth, which indicates the weakness of the teeth. In the later stages, it will break down and lead to cracked teeth. 
  • Cracked Tooth: When you have a craze line that further breaks the teeth, it will lead to cracked teeth. You may not feel the pain because it starts with the upper layer, and till it reaches the bottom, most of your tooth has been cracked. So, this is also a type of cracked tooth. 
  • Vertical Root Fracture: A vertical root fracture occurs when there is a crack from the root area vertically to the upper crown of the teeth. In this case, you may face some pain and problems even while treating them. 
  • Split Tooth: When you have a crack in the teeth extending towards the gum line, there is a split tooth. In this case, the tooth might be connected with some tooth material, but inside the gum line, if there is a crack, it is known as a split tooth. 

What is the Treatment of Cracked Tooth? 

The treatment of cracked teeth varies depending on the type of crack. If there is a crack line, there is no treatment; however, you can consult your doctor for better treatment if there are other types of cracks. 

Doctors might recommend dental bonding, crown, root canal treatment, dental veneer, extraction, and splinting to heal the cracked tooth. However, it is essential to know that all these treatment procedures vary and depend on the type of cracked tooth. So, you should very well consult with your dentist and find the best solution for your teeth. 


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