10 Fun Hobbies for Wheelchair Users

It can be incredibly difficult to choose new hobbies when you’re a wheelchair user. It’s often overwhelming as you want hobbies that are enjoyable, fun, and suitable for your physical abilities. There are many fantastic and fun hobbies to try, and you shouldn’t feel reserved about trying new things either. Of course, finding an activity you really enjoy will help break down barriers and may even allow you to make a few friends too. So, what hobbies would you try that are fun and suitable for wheelchair users?

Wheelchair Basketball

Whether you love watching sports or otherwise, wheelchair basketball can be a fantastic and quite fun hobby to try. There are lots of clubs to join and can be a great way to keep working on your fitness levels too. While you mightn’t be overly convinced of joining a basketball team, it may just help you gain more confidence. It’s a fun hobby to try. 

Learn a New Language

Expanding your knowledge helps to keep the mind sharp, and there is nothing better than trying your hand at a second language. Learning a new language can be fun, even if it frustrates you at times. You can take up local language courses and even travel to new countries to try out your skills. There are lots of popular languages to consider learning too, such as German, Russian, Mandarin, Swedish, Italian, and more. Take up a third language if you love it so much. 

Take Up Photography

There are thousands of unique images to capture, so why not pick up a camera and snap away? Photography can be fun and as natural as you want it to be. You could take a photo on a beautiful summer’s day or even capture a breath-taking image of snow falling on the mountains. Photography is fun because you can be as creative as you like. It can be a little hobby just for you – or – you could share your photos with the world. The choice is really yours. 

Try Your Hand at Creative Writing

Retelling a story can be a wonderful experience, and creative writing is a fun hobby to take up. You can be as creative as you like and write stories about almost anything you can think of. There are plenty of online and local creative writing classes to get involved with, and you never know, you might have a real talent for storytelling. Of course, you don’t have to write a thousand-page novel, and you could try your hand at a short novella, to begin with. 

Make Models

Like model airplanes? Or how about model battleships? Models are fun, and if you have a passion for them, they make the ideal hobby too. You can recreate famous battleships and warplanes and proudly display them at home. Wheelchair users will love to make models. This is a fun hobby, and you’ll love it too; of course, you need patience and a steady hand, but the end results can be great. 

Join a Local or Online Book Club

Reading and literary interests have never been greater. Authors can inspire you and tell a story like no other. When you have a passion for reading, you could join a book club. While this might sound like a tame hobby, it can still be fun. You can meet new people, find others who share a passion for literature, and explore new genres. There are many local book clubs, but also, many online clubs too. Joining a book club might not sound like a fun hobby for a wheelchair user; however, if you have a passion for reading, book clubs are ideal. 

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great hobby. While you might be a bit unsure of it, fishing can be an ideal hobby to get you outdoors and explore nature in all its glory. Best of all, it’s easy to get started with this niche too. You’ll need a fishing license, depending on where you live. Of course, you’ll need rods and reels; fortunately, you can invest a minimal amount in the basic equipment. Fishing is a great hobby, whether you are used to outdoor activities or are a home bird. You can visit some wonderful beauty spots and learn about the fish too. 

Try Bird Watching

Bird watching has grown in popularity over the last few years and has become a fun hobby for all. One of the best things about bird watching is that you can see so many from the comfort of your home. You can start your journey into bird watching but look out your window. There are lots of birds around and you could spot lots of common (and even some rarer) birds. You could buy a bird watcher guidebook to help identify each one you see, or you could learn about them in detail. 

Set up bird feeders if you want to attract more birds to your home; it’s a great and often fun hobby to try. While it isn’t for everyone, it’s worth trying, nonetheless. 


This is a hobby that can open your mind and really get you thinking about the cosmos. You could try your hand at stargazing, learning about the various constellations, and how to identify them. You could even set up a telescope at home and explore the stars in greater detail. It’s a fun hobby because you can learn so much about the uncharted skies above. You could even join an astronomy club. 

Video and Board Games

Games are fun and there are dozens to choose from. You could try your hand at the computer or console games, online role-playing, board, card games, and so much more. Best of all, you have lots of game variety, including strategy, sports, adventure, action, time management, and more. Playing competitively or for fun, games are great hobbies for wheelchair users. You can connect to players around the world and try new game genres. 

Choosing a New Hobby

The choices are endless when it comes to hobbies suitable for wheelchair users. There are lots of amazing and fun hobbies to try, from wheelchair basketball to creative writing, photography, and fishing. Of course, not all hobbies suitable for wheelchair users will appeal to you. You might not think they’re fun either. For instance, you mightn’t enjoy knitting but love to play video games. It’s about finding a hobby that interests you. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new or unfamiliar. You could try a hobby that’s completely out of the left field and love it. 

So, think about what you enjoy doing now and what you’d like to do. When a hobby isn’t as enjoyable as you’d hoped, you can move on to another. Give each new hobby a try and if it doesn’t work out, look for something that does pique your interests. 

Enjoy Trying New Hobbies

Everyone needs a hobby, and you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. You can find lots of fun hobbies that are enjoyable and suitable for wheelchair users. There are lots of indoor hobbies, as well as outdoor ones. Whether you love to be close to nature or in front of a computer screen, there are lots of fun hobbies to try. Why not try hobbies you mightn’t normally choose; you might really love them. 

 By Trevor Fenner

About the author:

Trevor Fenner is the founder and owner of Mobility Paradise, a one-stop-shop for mobility scooters, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators, lift chairs, saunas, steam showers, massage tables, exercise equipment, electric bikes, massage chairs, and bathtubs. Years ago, Trevor’s grandma had an accident that made her dependent on a wheelchair; this forced Trevor and his family to put her into an elderly care facility. Since then, Trevor would visit her to take a walk around the neighborhood. Mobility Paradise was created because Trevor couldn’t find an online store that offers a wide selection of mobility equipment and educational resources. What started as a business focusing on mobility scooters grew to include all kinds of mobility products. You can shop for the most reliable mobility products at MobilityParadise.com.  


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