Here are the things that your podiatrist wants you to know for better foot care

Many people think of going to a podiatrist when they suffer from feet pain or a foot-related injury. There are more than 300 types of foot-related issues. A professional, skilled podiatrist in wellington fl is experienced enough to handle any foot or ankle related problems. He guides you from helping you select the appropriate shoes, to carrying out surgical procedures.

Assess the situation and then describe

You will get better care when you are able to describe your most important issues. Therefore, take some notes prior to your appointment. Write down when the problem started, when the pain occurs, and where it occurs. Your podiatrist may also want to learn what you have tried to do to fix it on your own, as well as whether the actions are helping.

Bring in your shoes

Bring your shoes with you to the appointment. They will inspect shoes to find out if there is abnormal wear. They will find out if anything is rubbing against your foot muscles. The patterns of wear will tell your doctor lots about how your feet function when you run, walk or stand. It could help your podiatrist determine the reason for your discomfort and pain. 

See a podiatrist if you sprain your ankle

People often think there is nothing they can do for an ankle sprain, so they may not seek care. If you continue to walk with an injured ankle without consulting a physician, the ligaments may not heal properly. It means that your ankles may be weaker and more susceptible to strains and sprains in the future. Consult a podiatrist now.

Put lotion on your feet daily

A majority of people clean their feet on a regular basis. However, do you apply the lotion following your shower? Applying the lotion daily to your feet can help stop open sores and cracks that could become infected. By keeping your foot well hydrated, you can decrease the rate at which the callus develops. One good method is to apply the lotion thickly onto your foot.

Get rid of your old shoes

If your feet are aching, the solution could be as easy as purchasing new shoes. Worn out shoes could mean that they do not provide the same amount of cushion and support. Place the shoes on an even surface. If the shoe does not stay flat, the shoes have been worn in an uneven manner. It may cause injuries or other discomforts.

Do not ignore ingrown toenails

In most cases, unless you actually remove the part of the nail that is growing into the skin, it will not go away. In some cases, cutting yourself could make the problem worse. A professional treatment at an early stage can help avoid problems. Visit a podiatrist if you notice swelling, redness or drainage on the site of an ingrown toenail.

Everyday foot care is necessary

Toenail fungus can be one of the most popular reasons that people see a doctor. Simple steps can help prevent a fungal infection. First, make sure to cut your nails straight across. Clean your feet daily and dry them whenever you get them wet. Avoiding shoes with narrow/pointed toes can reduce many foot related issues.


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