Dr. Ken Hollis: A Metro Vein Center Physician Providing Ways to Prevent Varicose Veins



The Metro Vein Center is one of the leading facilities in the country that are treating conditions that are affecting the veins. The facility is operating in four states – Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. They also have a lot of licensed doctors who are experts when it comes to the treatment of conditions that are associated with the veins. These facilities have played a major role in treating many people who are experiencing problems with their veins, and the Metro Vein Center has one of the most advanced equipment and apparatus that would provide treatment to the public. To start working with the facility, the patient should choose one of their doctors and set up an appointment on their preferred date..


One of the best doctors operating in the vein center is Dr. Ken Hollis. He is a board-certified general surgeon. He started his profession in becoming a physician more than 30 years ago, and today, he is still providing his service to the people who might need his help. He welcomes everyone who would like to see him, and he provides the best advice when it comes to taking care of the veins. One of the most common problems that he sees on his clinic is issues concerning varicose veins. This condition is described as the appearance of bluish marks on the back of the legs, which are actually the veins. Dr. Ken Hollis provides an effective treatment to those who are affected with varicose veins, and he promises that the effects can be seen in an instant.


Dr. Ken Hollis would always advise the public on what they should do to avoid developing varicose veins. These are the most common things that should be remembered by those who do not want to develop the condition:


  1. Exercise is important, and it has a lot of benefits. Varicose veins would develop if someone is not exercising their legs regularly. When someone is doing exercise, the circulation of the blood becomes better, and it has a lot of advantages for the body. Hiking, jogging, running, or walking are the most common exercises that Dr. Ken Hollis is advising those who do not want to develop varicose veins.


  1. Another thing that the people should watch out for would be their diet. Dr. Ken Hollis advised the people that they should always eat a balanced and healthy diet. For those who are morbidly obese, they tend to develop pressure on their veins because of their weight. This causes varicose veins, and it is dangerous especially if the people would never listen to the advice. He recommended reducing for those who are overweight to avoid developing further problems.


  1. Wearing high heels for women also contributes to varicose veins. Dr. Ken Hollis said that high heels can be worn but in moderation. Excessive use of high heels would later develop varicose veins because of the presence of pressure. He noted that salesladies working at malls who tend to wear high heels are the ones who are prone to the condition. He recommended wearing flat shoes instead to avoid the condition from developing further.


  1. Elevating the legs is also important because it would provide proper blood circulation on the legs. Doing it frequently would decrease the chances of developing varicose veins.


  1. Long periods of standing is the main culprit why varicose veins develop, and one should avoid standing for a long time to prevent the condition from occurring. Aside from standing, scientists have also found out that excessive sitting can also result in varicose veins. This can be corrected if the person would stand up or walk for short distances after hours of sitting, especially when traveling on an airplane.




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