Some of the Important Facts About Brie Cheese and Its Benefits

One of the soft cow’s milk cheeses that originated in France is Brie Cheese. Brie has become popular all around the globe. Its color is pale yellow and it comes with added edible rind of white mold. Another best thing that you will know about brie is that it has a creamy texture and a sui generis mild taste and an aroma. It is one of the features of mold-aged cheese. It is mostly served with fruit, crackers, or bread. One of the things that you will know is that the sui generis cheese has a plethora of health benefits due to the dietary contents, and the process of ripening that it undergoes. Let’s look at some of the facts about brie cheese.

Nutritional Facts on Brie Cheese – 

One of the things that you will know about brie cheese  is that it is high in fats and is a nutrient-rich cheese. It also consists of protein and fats as well as several vitamins and minerals. You should also know that 28 grams of brie cheese are full fat i.e. One Ounce provides 100 calories, 4 grams of protein, 9 grams of total fat, 4 grams saturated fats, 0 grams carbs, and 0 grams fiber. Besides that, you also get the benefits of sodium which is Sodium: 120 mg — 5% of the Daily Value (DV), Vitamin A: 6% of the DV, Vitamin B12: 20% of the DV, Riboflavin: 11% of the DV and Calcium: 10% of the DV. Most of the fat which is present in brie cheese is saturated fat which comes from cow’s milk. Plus, this fat is not at all harmful as per the research and latest studies.

Other Benefits of Brie Cheese – 

Brie is also said to be a good source of protein, with 1 ounce -28 grams -offering a protein compared to the medium egg which is less. It has a plethora of vitamins and minerals as the brie cheese is a good source of both vitamin B12 and riboflavin. One of the facts that you should know about these two vitamins – vitamin B12 and riboflavin is that – these vitamins play an important role in the production of energy and metabolism.

Brie cheese can be easily related to and compared with a medium-size egg because it is high in fat and packs much protein just 1 ounce -28 grams. It also offers a sufficient number of vitamins in the body in the form of vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

How Brie is Made – 

One of the essential things that you should know is that brie is made by enzymes that are added rennet to milk along with salt and other bacteria known as cheese cultures. Then, this mixture is left for ripening for 1 month. In the ripening process of Brie, white mold formation can be seen in the rind of the cheese. It is not like the other molds that grow on the food. This mold is perfectly safe to eat. Different types of brie can be made with whole or half skimmed milk, which is ripened for different durations that contains added herbs and spices.


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