Patriot Power Generator Reviews & Free Trial Package Amazon

Patriot Power Generator Reviews & Free Trial Package Amazon

Patriot Power Generator is a portable power source which makes use of the energy of Sun to help your family survive during failure of electric grid.


In the scenario when the world is at the brink of war, it makes sense to prepare yourself for the worst situation beforehand. For many this includes securing food source, designing evacuation plans or setting a location where they can run away. However, the most important thing you need to think about any emergency situation is a power source. In any chaotic situation, power source is the first thing which gets disrupted, forcing everyone to fall in the pit of darkness. To ensure overall safety of your loved ones it is important to find a dependable off-grid power source. Patriot Power Generator is the one which is designed for such situations only.


What Patriot Power Generator Is?

It is a portable power generator which makes use of solar panels for the purpose of generating electricity. This is a source of electricity that never ditch you at the time of emergency. This is the one you can recharge endlessly, the one which never run out of gas and you can keep it safely in your home or take it wherever you want to. Using this you will never stuck in dark if any natural disaster strike at your area.

Features of Patriot Power Generator 1500X

It comes with the following features:

  • It is manufactured using state-of-the-art and safe battery which is known for its chemical and thermal stability
  • This product reaches to you in an assembled and charged state. So you don’t need to assemble it and can use it right away.
  • It can be recharged again and again up to 2000 times from empty to full
  • It can be charged using included solar panels
  • It gets charged from 0 to 100% in just 3.5 hours offering you fast and flexible charging option
  • It is capable of giving you 1500 continuous watts of power which is considered to be enough to run a tablet, radio, lights, cell phone, laptop, small and other critical appliances


How Does This Generator Work?

This operates combining a solar panel with a power generator which is portable. In the pack you will get:

  • 5-pound generator which is fully charged
  • 100-watt folding solar panel along with cells that are manufactured by Bosch
  • A solar panel extension cord which is 25 foot long

To use the system, the solar panels are to be set up on the ground or in a vertical direction. Then, plug in the cable of panels into the portable power supply. Now plug your electronic devices into that power supply to enjoy abundant and free power harnessed from the sun

Free Bonuses With Patriot Power Generator 1500.

  • Bonus 1: Free shipping: It is delivered to your door steps in plain packaging, assembled and without charging you any shipping cost
  • Bonus 2: Solar Panel Extension Cord: Having this cord you can let the solar panels harness the sun’s energy outside while keeping the actual generator inside
  • Bonus 3: A book named ‘Top 7 Reasons Why the Grid Will Fail’: In this you will get to learn why a grid fails and how you can avoid the aftermath when a grid finally fails
  • Bonus 4: ‘The Blackout Response Guide’:  It lets you what to expect when a blackout hits and how to keep yourself prepared for such situations
  • Bonus 5: ‘The Generator Survival Checklist’: This guide lets you know about common household items that can help you survive a crisis
  • Bonus 6: ‘The 3 Hidden Dangers of the Smart Grid’: It describes the hidden dangers associated with smart grid
  • Bonus 7: 72 Hour Survival Food Kit: You will get a 72-hour emergency food kit which is packed in airtight packaging and can be stored for 25 years.
  • Bonus 8: Survival Spring Personal Water Filter: This water filter gives you crystal-clear water by removing waterborne bacteria and parasites
  • Bonus 9: Survival Multi-Tool: This survival tool packs in it 11 functions and is just of a size of a credit card
  • Bonus 10: Slash Your Power Bills Playing Cards: A deck of cards, each having tip about generating or conserving power.

Where to buy Patriot Power Generator 1500?

You can order Patriot Solar Generator 1500 online at its official website.

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